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Related to biofuels

BioGasol ApS (Development of equipment for lignocellulosic waste utilization) - www.biogaol.com

Biofuels Digest (Daily news from the biofuel market) - www.biofuelsdigest.com

DONG Energy A/S - www.dong.dk

Related to fungi:

Center for Microbial Biotechnology (Center at Technical University of Denmark) - www.cmb.dtu.dk/English.aspx

Fungi - Tree of Life web project (Site with explanations and good links) - www.tolweb.org/Fungi

Related to dancing:

Nordvest Ballroom (dance club in Copenhagen NW) - www.nvballroom.dk

Dansk Sportsdanserforbund (Danish Dance Sports Association) - www.sportsdans.dk

Fungi.dk - one fungus to rule them all